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how do i buy these god damn stickers using LND? i keep getting feeinsufficient

i cannot pay for anything on the blockstream store right now. need help. im using LND and Zap on windows 10 64bit when i try to open up a channel directly to them it doesnt work i just get "peer disconnected" when i try to route a payment for it get Fee insufficient

first problem possibly due to this bug? i dunno

i have 3 channels open currently. 70k sats with #reckless, 300k with rompert, 20k with

if i try to buy anything even a single sticker (which i should have more then enough for in channels) i get FeeInsufficient

this is the error ZAP gives me.

FeeInsufficient(fee=68529054 mSAT, update=(lnwire.ChannelUpdate) { Signature: (lnwire.Sig) (len=64 cap=64) { 00000000 7a 7c e9 69 f5 5c de f4 32 79 c2 8d 7d b2 b2 07 |z|.i...2y..}...| 00000010 df 6a a7 f0 6f 97 a5 66 0f 04 be 31 67 4c 94 d1 |.j..o..f...1gL..| 00000020 4b 93 3f fd 62 9b 70 41 29 e8 dd 50 52 bf 47 c6 |K.?.b.pA)..PR.G.| 00000030 61 9a f3 7f 5e a9 1c f0 22 bd cb 4a f2 af d2 cc |a...^..."..J....| }, ChainHash: (chainhash.Hash) (len=32 cap=32) 000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f, ShortChannelID: (lnwire.ShortChannelID) 510470:1678:1, Timestamp: (uint32) 1519384633, Flags: (lnwire.ChanUpdateFlag) 0, TimeLockDelta: (uint16) 144, HtlcMinimumMsat: (lnwire.MilliSatoshi) 7 mSAT, BaseFee: (uint32) 7000, FeeRate: (uint32) 11 }

i tried raising the fee using (is this raising the fee im paying or raising the fee im charging for routing? unclear to me)

lncli.exe updatechanpolicy --base_fee_msat 7000 --fee_rate 0.000011 --time_lock_delta 144

but it still doesnt work

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