Pending Earnings

Create a Lightning invoice for 0.00000000 BTC or less to claim article's pending earnings.

Make sure the node requesting payment is the one you specified when creating the article.
Please pay to the node whose key you set when you published?
Oops, this invoice is for too much: use a smaller value?
Payout Failed :( Try again?
This doesn't look like a normal invoice. Try a different one?

Give few satoshis to your Slack teammates with LN in seconds

Some of my colleagues were not ready for LN. As they said: "it's too complicated to run a node".

Thanks to the community, projects like help everyone to try LN, with other users funds ;)

So I just deployed on mainnet, a customized version of the original ln-tip-slack bot. To use it, it's simple:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Add to Slack" button (to add the bot in your Slack workspace)
  • Click on "Slack login" button and deposit funds with LN
  • Tip users on Slack

Article Payment

Y'alls Peer