Feb 10, 2018

Pending Earnings

Create a Lightning invoice for 0.00000210 BTC or less to claim article's pending earnings.

Make sure the node requesting payment is the one you specified when creating the article.
Please pay to the node whose key you set when you published?
Oops, this invoice is for too much: use a smaller value?
Payout Failed :( Try again?
This doesn't look like a normal invoice. Try a different one?

Setting up Lightning network on Windows 10 with Utunbu, Bitcoin-qt for Windows and lnd

#Install Utunbu Windows --> Utunbu, basic setup. You must enable Windows subsystem for Unix, then install Ubuntu from the Microsoft store

#Installing Go 1.9 --

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get -y upgrade

sudo curl -O

sudo tar -xvf go1.9.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz sudo mv go /usr/local ...

#At this point, at the end of the webpage, go should be installed. mkdir gocode

Article Payment

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